We want to render stereoscopic 3D via a webpage.   There appear to be two major challenges to getting started:
WebGL does not work inside Chrome on the Flightdeck.
the SDecK is not accessible via Javascript
We can overcome both of these problems by using https://crosswalk-project.org/.    Using crosswalk let's us start up chrome with --ignore-gpu-blacklist, and also let's us write a simple extension to access the SDecK.

We've done that, and it compiles and links and appears to run -- it just doesn't appear to do anything.   Calling isS3DSupported() on the flightdeck returns false, and calling setTnMode(MI3D_TN_CMD_VERTICAL) doesn't do anything to the display.

Is there any other setup that we need to do?   Any special permissions we should request?
Asked October 2, 2017 05:33 AM


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