test bed scene for our game, we managed to make a build for the flightdeck, got it on there, messed around to see if we had everything implemented correctly...
apparently not.

The gui-button that came with the prefab that allows us to choose the game's display "mode" (those 3 red/white buttons at the top left corner) allowed us to test between the display modes, which we're assuming is single-frame or "2d" mode, a side-by-side mode, and then finally the stereoscopic "3d" mode.

Selecting the actual stereoscopic mode to get the tablet's 3D effect just draws a black screen.
Here's a screenshot - http://imgur.com/xpcFtgT

Why? Any help will be appreciated thanks.
Unity 4.6 Pro
Asked October 25, 2017 09:06 AM


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