I'm currently using a Win 7 64bit, and not sure on how to install the driver.  When I connect the tablet to my computer, it appears to have 2 drivers? One is not able to install, and one is installed and the computer know is a Portable Devices.  They both are A6100.  So... I'm not sure which one to install; but either way, when I try to install the android driver to either one of them, they disappear and the computer will not recognize them as a device.  Especially if I install it in the Portable Device One, and not the "not installed A6100".  Mind you, I am using USB Debugging mode, and funny thing is, if I don't use the debugging mode, ONLY the Portable Device A6100 show up, and not the "Not installed A6100".  So what am I doing wrong?  And I'm trying to develop apps with Unity.
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Asked October 25, 2017 09:06 AM


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