Round 1 of the World 3Developer Challenge was overwhelmingly successful from the stellar entries to the quality talent. From the pool of great entries we hand-picked 30 developers to receive 3D tablets. Once again - congratulations! We are so pleased that we're able to invest in our developer community.

Round 2 of the #W3DC is an extension of Round 1 - it is an opportunity to re-submit your idea if you didn't win a tablet. It is also an opportunity to submit an idea if you missed the window for the first round. Round 2 closes on 31 January and slots into the overall timeline of the competition without moving anything around.

At this point, you should be getting stuck into development, preparing for March 6th - when the final .APKs have to be in. On 6 March we'll be at GDC in San Francisco & in the weeks leading up to this, we'll be choosing a few promising finalists to award the opportunity to showcase their 3D games at the booth! A huge opportunity to get your game out there! If you want to be selected, make sure we know what you're up to - post on the Forum, tweet us updates, get in touch!

The time between March 6 and March 20 will be a whirlwind of voting and judging until March 20, when we'll announce the winners at SXSW in Austin.

This is where the funding comes into play. We have tiers of funding depending on our ranking of your game. We're planning App Store Launch for April 1st - which will mean the beginning of the opportunity to start gathering income from the sale of your 3D title! Exciting stuff!
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